Game Crash and dead body glitch

I have been playing off and on new to the game some bugs are not letting me enjoy the game. the bugs i come across i would get killed my game freezes everytime and then i respawn. when i go to claim my body it’s gone somtimes its gone and the marker for the grave is on the other side of the map. this has happened 3 times so far not a fan of losing my stuff cause of a bug. With this new update or event that has the lighting changed and meteors falling. is just nothing but a headache my game is constantly going slow or frame freezeing i cannot enjoy the game. when i have a chance of losing all my work from a bug and from a event causeing my game to crash and somtimes when i load back up from a crash my character is dead how can i die from a game crash?


this bug happens to me too. the game loses its textures, then you kill someone and the body disappears. It keeps getting dull until it closes. So when you start the game again, you died for a dead enemy! and worst of all, get screwed because you’re really being thrown anywhere. this all in the Offline. how can a game on offline give so much bug like that? you kill one enemy, then another and when you go back to check the body, it will simply disappear. Drag an enemy is complicated; or he disappears from the rope or, if he wakes up, he disappears. Abysmal refuse is of moon, has hour that works, and time that does not. the Game was very badly adapted for Xbox.

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