Game Crashes my home network, and constant crashing after I do finally get on the server

Game mode:Online
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Any]

So I just recently purchased this game and I do enjoy it the very small amount I get to play it I really wish Microsoft would be a little more strict with games being released with constant crashes involved in them.

Firstly when I try to log on to the server I play on as the game populates server list and gets pings it always crashes my home network. If I can get into the server and don’t move until I can load a webpage on my computer then I can usually get anywhere from 30mins-2hrs of game play before the game just ups and crashes again. Then I have to go through the whole process of just being able to log onto the game all over again which is becoming less and less worth the effort. I own several games that have to populate servers and show pings and this game is literally the only one that crashes my network doing so I have already talked to my ISP and they say its because of something the game is doing that needs to be fixed on that end.

Secondly just the amount of random crashes is crazy I finally get into a server and its hard to tell how long I will get to play before I randomly crash for no reason which makes it hard to go out and do anything very far from base because I am afraid I will crash and lose my gear. This game should of never left alpha yet on xbox and for sure should come with a warning about the issues it has I feel like I am playing 7dtd again where I have 45 mins tops before I have to worry about crashing.

I really hope these issues can be fixed soon cause this is like the 3rd game I have bought in the last year that comes in this state and its really hard to continue to support games like this that get released this buggy and they want 49 dollars for when in the current state its in isn’t worth anything near that.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Turn on game
  2. Load server list (sometimes this is as far as I can get)
  3. If I get into game wait for at least 2-3 mins for my network to comeback up so I can play with out being kicked.
  4. Play for anywhere from 30mins-2hrs before the game just instantly dashboards me and I get to start at step 1 all over again.