How to make a great game garbage/unplayable

Game mode: [Online
Problem: [Crash
Region: America
Constant crashing I got recommended this game and I’ve been able to play it 3 times sense purchasing it, and it’s roughly crashed 134 times I have spent the last hour trying to get on servers only to be greeted by constant crashing, but hey who doesn’t love playing a game for 15 seconds, definitely would not recommend this game to anyone else until the crash is fixed, if that ever happens seems like people have been having the exact same problem sense launch with no help in sight.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.turn on game
4. Contemplate self harm

Sorry that’s happening to you me personally I rarely crash don’t get me wrong I used to crash a lot before at the point I only wore light armor whenever I left my base and only wore my best armor when going to fight a boss and I prayed I wouldn’t crash and died and not find my body but since the last update everything is working fine for me I do get an occasional crash but it rarely happens to the point where I’m wearing my good armor without fear anymore lol