Constant crashing and router crashing

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: [Crash |
Region: [us]

[I have now crash right after loading in 16 times and its cause my router to crash 4 times and im on the xbox one x no other game causes this many issues]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.log in

Make that 32 times haha great game


Nice to get a reply from funcom lol

Are you crashing trying to load into an online server? Try loading into single player, offline, before loading into your server. This has been the workaround for a while, you might have to do this every time before you load in. Hope it helps.

I tried that too didnt work but 56 time was not a exaggeration lol

Hello @Wolfmann, please refrain from spamming your own post as it won’t get us to answer it any faster, as we don’t monitor the forums outside of office hours.

Is your console connected through cable?

Were you able to play the game without issues before?
Does it happen in any server?

Can you try powering off and disconnecting any other devices that make use of the router, both wired and wireless, so that only the console is connected to it through cable?

Does the Router provides logs to give further insight on the crash / error?

Can you also check if it’s possible to limit the bandwidth for the XBOX through the router settings?

Same issue here. Also my friend is having major issues and can no longer log in. Join server and 20 seconds later crash to desktop. Both have Xbox one X. :rage:

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Not exactly sure how you went from crashing 16 times to 56 times within the an hour.

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