Crashing AGAIN... And AGAIN... And AGAIN

Game mode: [Online
Problem: [Crashing

So tired of it.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play Conan
  2. Play Conan
  3. Play Conan
  4. Play Conan
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Try a Single Player game (offline), for 5-10mins, it works for me as a temporary fix most of the time …lately though, the crashes are a lot more frequent. Funcom owes anyone who wants one, a REFUND!!

This happens to me every other day, it is one of the single most annoying things about this game. can we please get this fixed this game has been out for a while and yet this bug still exists.

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I’d even pay for my own server, but damn sure not going to the way it currently is working. Take note Funcom: you are losing money. Fix it… Bout ready to go back to elder scrolls.

Have you:

Checked your NAT to make sure its set to open
Gone into your router/gateway turned off your UPnP network, turned it back on, hard reset your Xbox
Port Forward the ports that Microsoft uses for XBox to talk to each other?

Try reading this:

I had the same issue as you are having. Not any longer. Be patient, I know this sucks.

Why should we be patient, Funcom lied when they said the game was ready when it came out of Preview, Funcom are nothing but lying shysters.

So sorry! I’m a fixer not a complainer.

You mean, you’re a Sheep! …and just so you know, Funcom hasn’t “fixed” anything, in a long while, they’ve frigged up a lot of things, but “fixed” nothing of note.

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