Help funcom, please

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [South America]

after the last update I could no longer log in to any server, the game always closes in the loading screen … not how funcom can charge for a game like that? I feel injured because I paid for a game that I can not play … Funcom please give us a concrete answer or at least give the money back to a product that does not work … :frowning:

it worked fine for a few but now none will work. try to load and drop. bunch of crap. they think that 9g update did anything?, didnt help drop issues for sure

Worked for me on my Xbox One X

If I notice constant crashing as soon as I get in the game I just load single player (in offline mode)

Then immediately log out and back into the Official Servers

If the game will not make it to the game selection screen, I simply do a hard reset on my xbox, and can play for up to 4 hours solid with no interruptions.