Game still crashing repeatedly

Game mode: Online
Problem: Crash
Region: Jungle right now, but everywhere

We are on PVP server 2575 and the game often becomes completely unplayable during PVP hours, especially once things heat up. We have had lots of back and forth destruction lately, and we are thinking the crashes get especially bad while people are out blowing bases up.

During off hours it is often pretty stable, but other times (like right now) it typically crashes in seconds and nothing fixes it.

I have rechecked my NAT and it is Open, tried single player mode, cleared saved game data, prayed to Derketo, hard reset and cursing loudly at Funcom. Nothing makes the game work.

We communicate with several other clans, and the game is unstable for everyone.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Login
  2. Crash
  3. Repeat
  4. Try single player and repeat… crash… crash… crash

Struggling with this same issue on 2506

If anything this is worse than ever. I can barely ever play because it repeatedly crashes within seconds of getting on. FunCom is very close to losing me as a customer because I am reaching the limit of my patience

The game now appears completely unstable and unplayable all the time. It was far better before the last patch.

Is there any estimate from FunCom as to when the game will be stable enough to play? Nearly everyone on my clan has quit.

At this point, it may be safe to simply declare this game a complete failure and jump ship

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This is an extremely common problem. It strongly resembles a similar issue from before the release. Mostly it’s connected to transition points such as gates and doors. Another connected issue is the lag from pop up menus for pretty much anything that has one. But, hey! They gave us new content…oh wait… they sold us new content for a clearly unfinished product. All on the orders of unskilled execs. Financially the game is circling the drain. I’m sorry to say. This game will be dead in under a year without a serious change.

Hello, having same issue as well. Was playing offline in single player mode and was exploring in open territory. Then game froze and now cannot log in past start up menu, keep pressing blue x and just goes back to main menu. Also tried all of the trouble shooting fixes, re-boot system, re-set cache, re-installed game, etc. and still nothing worked.