Game is now repeatedly crashing on XBOX

Game mode: Online
Problem: Crash
Region: North of Salt Flats in Red Mountains

Several people in our clan are completely unable to play now, as the game is crashing every few seconds. We have tried rebooting, playing single player and confirmed NAT is Open.

Will this game ever be stable?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Login
  2. Play Single Player
  3. Launch in Server 2575
  4. Crash
  5. Repeat

I have the same problem with pve 2729, last time it started loading game and it shut my system off completely…

I, too have a stable, open NAT, and my game crashes repeatedly.
Steps on how to reproduce issue:
2.Play Single Player PVE.
3.Launch in Server 2585

The game seems to eventually let me play normally for at least an hour before crashing again. However, when a crash occurs, trying to login again causes more crashes after 30 seconds or maybe a minute. The game seems to want me to wait hours before attempting to play normally.

Before you play online, load single player offline.

While there pop into your admin panel and give yourself one of each tier building objects. Place them near your spawn spot. If you want to go even further place one of each work station, one of each named thrall with a different set of armor in the game (saw this suggested in another post on these forums).

This clump of building pieces may not look pretty but what your trying to do is load as many of the games objects into your cache before you go online.

Just do not restart the system and wait 3-5 minutes in offline mode before going back to online mode.

You will still crash about every hour, but depending on how much traveling you do it should be stable-ish for that time.

The hourly crash is believed by funcom devs to be a memory issue (memory leak possibly)… they supposedly found it just before the last patch…

Just hang in there exiles, hopefully they have a fix coming soon… man I was telling myself that a month ago…

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Three times tonight this crash has happened. Three times I recrafted all my gear as my body disappeared into the great beyond and was unrecoverable.

Pretty much anywhere there are any major objects it does this. My small house, the pirate boat, the spider cave. The single player work around did not work which was attempted after the first crash.

I’m truly puzzled by Funcoms desire to push “extra” content when the base game has such an issue. Way to grind yourself into another footnote of online survival games guys.

For what it’s worth this is on official server 2725

Not to Jinx it, but it has been more stable lately… took 4 or 5 hours to crash last night…

Any updates from FunCom if they did anything, or did I just get lucky?

That seems right to me. I find I crash a lot more in highly populated areas compared to being out in the wilderness.

We have a few fixes that we will patch as soon as possible. Hopefully by the end of this week or early next week (depending on CERT).


I just downloaded the patch and the game started crashing constantly. Another player told me they completely uninstalled and reinstalled and have been stable all day, so I am trying that now.

It worked until this latest patch, and now the crashing is horrible again.

FYI… I am at the Derketo shrine on server 2575.

its the server,needs to be reinstalled. I had this happen in my server once i contacted g portal they reinstalled it works great.

It is a public server. The problem is that the game is horribly unstable and they need to fix it

If your body has disappeared after death run to the area you died then leave run 30 seconds to a minute away and come back your body should now be there now.

That does not work if the game crashes repeatedly within seconds of logging in.

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Something that should have been done BEFORE launch.


Karma sucks, doesn’t it.