Game crashes on 'Connecting to FUNCOM Servers'!

First note: Stop moving this into the general technical issues folder. You need to SOLVE this problem not just tuck it away into a mass file. I am not the only CUSTOMER who has this problem. Please help us, we’ve spent a lot of money on your game and deserve to at least play it.

Game mode: ALL
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: None
Region: USA

I installed the newest DLC and since then the game loads and goes to main menu while a pop up box that says ‘Connecting to FUNCOM servers’. The game then freezes for a brief moment before crashing down to windows. I have removed all of my mods, I have uninstalled (utterly including physically removing the old files left once uninstall is done), I have updated my drivers and nothing fixes it.

Please do not just move this thread. Find a fix.

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