Game crashes on startup

Hi There!

Just bought the game a few minutes ago. Installed via Steam.

After clicking Play the Conan Unconquered Loading Screen appears and vanishes after a few seconds. The Petroglyph Crash Report Windows opens with this information:

Creating crash report…
Saving crash report…
Writing dump file…
Contacting crash reporting server:*://
Packaging report for upload…
Sending crash report
2632625 sent.
Petro Crash Link:

Where can i start to try to fix this?..
Win10 Pro (fully apdated)
Core i9-9900K
16GB DDR4 3200
Asus GTX1080

Drivers are also up to date. No problems with other games here. (playing at the moment FarCry5, Divison2, Grim Dawn, Metro Exodus, StarCitizen)

Thank you.

Just tried without active Internet Security, same issue…

  • had to edit the http

Hey @Razilein,
sorry for the late reply wondering if this is still occurring after last weeks patch?