Game Crashes while attempting to Join a Moded Private Dedicated Server

Been playing on a server for about 2 months that has two mods. Thralls are alive and Hosav’s custom UI mod.
Everything has been running great and we have been having a great time playing!
So much, I purchased some DLCs for myself and Fam who are playing on this private dedicated server.
After the purchase of 5 DLCs for myself, I randomly receive a fatal error upon attempting to join the server.
One other person had one crash and has not had it since.
I am the only one suffering with this issue.

I have:

  • verified files
  • unsubscribed and resubscribed the mods
  • uninstalled and reinstalled the game
  • removed the DLCs
  • rejoined repeatedly and it will sometimes let me join
  • combinations of all this stuff

I prefer not uninstalling the mods since my daughter has spent a lot of time with the Thralls comes alive mod.

Fatal error!

Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000008


Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Ratatouille
Mods: 2791028919,1797359985

Bug Description:

Game randomly crashes when joining Server

Bug Reproduction:

Join the moded server that I have been playing on for the past 2 months after purchasing 5 DLCs

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I am having the same problem on my server.

Next time you could just say “Hosav’s custom UI” :slight_smile:
Anyway, currently that mod has a bug, he’s investigating it, even turned off steam comments :slight_smile:
The temporary workaround is to load your game with the normal modlist of the server, then go to single player first. Log out to the main menu only and then join the server. It will let you in without crashing.

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Works like a charm. Thank you Xevyr!!!
Guessing the custom UI mod has been having its share of issues.

Yea, after the update hit, it did let you connect, however as soon as you went near any NPC it was crashing due to the healthbar changes from Funcoms side. Then it got an update that fixed it, but it introduced this new issue.
It kinda looks like some sort of variable initialization isn’t working well when it’s connecting to a server, something persistent though that only gets stored once, that’s why this trick works since it gets stored in memory in single player and then the mod can just continue using that for the session.
On top of it some of these healthbar changes also resulted in performance issues in crowded areas with the mod active, almost like it’s processing every single healthbar in a very large area in the background.
This is of course all speculation on my part, though I’m sure Hosav is doing his best to try and fix it. In the meantime it’s still worth using that mod though despite all this, it’s just really good and useful

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