Game crushes once I try deliver my slave to the Wheel

I actually think it was just a coincidence and the game update fixed it :slight_smile:

Well, looks like Power mode works))

Did not work(( the Issue with hanging up game client still remains

Hi Mayra I am experiencing the same issue although most of the time I am on a horse has happened to me four times in the past two days

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Could you guys try to do a clean driver reinstall and see if that helps, you can just follow this guide

I did total windows reinstall. did not work

You didn’t provide the system information files above so I can’t check, but do you happen to have a factory-overclocked GPU (a lot of them are nowdays).

Typically when nothing fixes these freezes and crashes, there’s a chance that your system is simply unstable a bit (one of the components is set to a slightly higher frequency than what the silicon chip can take at that voltage). I’ve seen a lot of cases where in a situation like that the computer is “picky” and only certain games crash, while others run fine. If that’s the case, getting the manufacturer’s GPU tweaking software and lowering it just a notch could fix that.

I provided System info in previous thread.
But it this Thread i mentioned that I had 3 different videocards. RX 480, RX 590, RX 5700.

So… all of them have Issue? All three? The same? Also, Haniging up Conan App only. Nothing else.

I have provided DX Diag, log files. What else should I provide to find out what is wrong?

If you need more info, could you tell me what you need? Eng is my second language, so sorry if I text wrong here.

Can we request investigation?

The Issue still remains

Hello. The Issue remains. Could I have some help from Support please?