Game crushes once I try deliver my slave to the Wheel

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: PvP
Region: Europe
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

You move your new slave on the rope. The game freezes. that’s it.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Find named Thral like Freya.
  2. Knok the slave with your club
  3. Pick the slave with the rope (I use thik leather rope)
  4. Start move to the base.
  5. Sometimes in few minutes the game will freeze forever.

Also sometimes the game freezes in the same way if I leave it idle for hour or more.

I saw the similiar report

“[My game is freezing when i drag a thrall with rope]”

Any news about solution?


Thank you for your report. Do you also experience this issue on other game modes like co-op or online? Would you be able to share your saved file with us?

You can find it following:
\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved

As “game.db” or just “game” if the file extension is hidden.

Feel free to reach out to us in private via direct message if you prefer.

Hi! I had such Crash on Official Servers too. Can’t really remember its number. Never tried that on Siptah, so can’t say.

The Forum says, I am new user and can’t attach anything. Also Forum refuses db files. Can’t post any links. Can we contact in some other way?


I’m sorry about that, I updated your forum rank. Can you upload the file to Google drive or a similar platform and share the link with us?

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

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You are my savior :slight_smile:

Please check Zip file attached :slight_smile: Logs, saves, config.

Just finished the Verification. No Errors.

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Thank you for the files, we’ll ask our team to investigate what might be the issue.

Have a great week! :discopug:


Hi! Any news?


This issue is still under investigation.

Keep an eye out for it on future patch notes. :slight_smile:

Ok. I try to find something too. For now I removed the saves and config. and startet the game again. Old files are zipped.

Also, it may be important, I’ve never had that crush if I have no named slaves like Tugra.
So, I catch one named. Then boil him in the wheel. Then I catch another one with the named slave with me. I drug a new one and some times the game crushes. If I find more, I’ll let you know.

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Hello. A little update about the Crush. Now it crushes if the game is Idle for some time. 30 min - 2-3hrs

It does not drop you to desktop. Just hanging up and no response.


We’re sorry to hear! In this case, we strongly recommend you try Steam’s option to “Verify files” and if that doesn’t work, uninstall the game completely and download it again. It could be missing a file or have a corrupted one.

We hope this helps!

Hello. Not helped at all((

Hello Mayra!

I got a message about the new grand update. I wish you luck with the launch.

I just want to remind that the Crash issue remains. Can I hope that that Crash bug will be fixed?


Thank you for the good luck! Since we reworked the building system there’s a high chance that the work done by now will fix it. However, since you’re experiencing the issue on Singleplayer, we can’t completely rule out that something might be happening to your saved file.

If you have the Testlive product installed you’ll be able to test your saved file once we release the update there.

Let’s hope for the best, and if the issue still persists in Testlive make sure to poke me and we can request a new investigation. :slight_smile:

Dear fellows, this bug I experience over three years. It’s hardly related to new systems.

Let us talk about what should I provide to solve this Issue. In my last Threat I provided logs, settings, some other info. And nothing changed. The Issue still remains. I understand that the Team did their best to releace new grant update. But I still need the solution.

Let us begin the solving again?

Random question.
Is your PC power profile set to High Performance?
If not then please change it to that and see if it continues freezing.
(simple way to get there, copy this: Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options and paste it in the navigation bar of any random file explorer window like so then hit enter)

Let’s try

Worked once. Need more tests

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If it happens again, could you please include a dxdiag and a sysinfo export?
There’s another user on the forums having a similar problem and they posted these files too, this way we can compare and see if you have anything similar in your computers.

Here’s the steps to doing that:

  1. Press the combination Win+R to bring up the Run box
  2. Type msinfo32 in the box and hit okay like so
  3. In the window that appears click File and then export - give it a name and then save, it’s gonna take a while and act a bit “frozen” - that’s normal
  4. Open the text file you just made, hit Ctrl+A to select all text, then Ctrl+C to copy
  5. Go to and paste all the text in the New Paste box, down at the bottom give it a title like “sysinfo” and hit the Create new paste button. That will take you to a new page with your pasted text and you can just copy the link from the address bar of your browser and paste it here.

Repeat the same for DirectX, in step 2 instead of msinfo32 you type dxdiag in the box and instead of File and export, you simply hit the “Save all information” button on the bottom of the main window
Then repeat the steps with that file to get another pastebin link for that and just post those two links here.

Hello Xevyr!

Looks it works. 3 tries successful.

Tell me how did you guess the reason? We all, with Funcom guys cracked our heads )))