Game doesn't remember contextual controls setting

Game mode: [ Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug | Performance | Misc]

Every time I boot the game up I need to go into settings and turn off the “show contextual controls” option again. It remembers to keep the other 2 settings I like to turn off (show help when building, and show journey steps) but it keeps turning the contextual controls back on.

If I go back out to the main menu and load back in, it stays off as long as i have the game running. However once I tell the xbox to quit the game completely, it goes back to showing them next time i boot it up and play.

This has been happening since I started playing in early October. Not sure if it’s been reported before.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Boot game and load into solo offline/co-op server
  2. Hit select, go into settings, uncheck “Show Contextual Controls”, and whatever else you want
  3. Exit to main menu, exit to xbox dashboard, highlight game, select with start menu to “show more options”, and choose “Quit”
  4. Boot game back up and load back into solo game. See contextual controls back on the screen but other options stayed unchecked
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This has been a bug since the game was launched, and has been reported a few times. Apparently just not a priority to fix. The contextual controls will also bug out and get stuck, always showing the controls for building (that particular bug is newer).

A lot of settings, whether they be in the settings list prior or in the game, ex. storage/inventory organization choices, usually reset after closing out of the session. It’s a bug, of course, and it’s incredibly annoying, but no doubt very low on their to-do list.

Hey @Mr.Crom

Thanks for your letting us know. We’re sending your feedback to our devs.

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