Some settings reverting back to default

So far two revert

  1. Show Contextual Controlls. I uncheck everytime i start game
  2. Aim Mode Right Stick Sensitivty. I set to .2500 everytime i start the game.

Has it always been this way, or is it new. Havent been playing since year two pass came out. Didnt figure i should pay 9.99 plus 30.00 just messed up.
But does anyone know how to keep it from changing?

Hey there, I play PS4 and PC, but there is sometimes a problem with settings not “sticking” due to where in the menu I made the change. Can you tell me when you make this change? Is it after loading onto a server/into single player, or is it at the main Main Menu?

after i enter SP not main menu. might try there and see if fixes.

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still does it even doing it in main menu. I eneter SP/co-op and have to redo. guess ill deal with it. doubt FC will fix. thanks anyways.

Let me hit up @Arsenalcontrol and see if he has a fix. I think he’s XB and can usually answer my UI questions when I search for them.

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Unfortunately not. At least I haven’t seen one.

This is an issue has been around for a very long time.
It was originally worse then it is now, I believe there was a patch that initially introduced it, I think it was a change in the UI.
FC have improved the issue since then but not much.

There’s many posts regarding this issue. As it doesn’t completely stop gameplay, it’s probably quite low on the fix list.

I could continue, but I think you get the idea :joy:

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I get this same problem with the “show contextual controls” all the time. I keep the hud dot and journey steps to off, and these settings save, but the contextual controls always comes back on. I think it might be tied into nudity setting reverting to “none” (which for me happens quite often) but I haven’t found a work around for it. If you disable contextual controls in single player, then load into a server, it won’t show for that session. Same if you change the settings from the main menu in the game, before loading into single player or a server. Force quitting the game makes them turn back on. Sorry I can’t be more help. I would also like a fix for this.


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