Game doesnt save

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Game doesn’t save]
Region: [Sweden]

[ I have had this issue before, but thought it was resolved after the latest patch note. I play offline or coop in single player and sometimes when I turn off the game to main menu it doesn’t save. Sometimes I lose hours of playing. I’m sorry but this is unacceptable, especially after so many times. I’ve never played a game where it doesn’t save. Today I played 3 hours, got 6 new journey steps, leveld up, got a lot of new stuff. I then saved at my bed, turned the game off and when I turned it back on everything was like it was before i started playing. I had the same stuff as before and I had leveld down again. 3 hours of gameplay just GONE.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start game
  2. Play game
  3. Save game
  4. Quit game to main menu
  5. Start game (problem occur)

The game only saves if you quit to the main menu. The bed or bedroll does not save your progress. If you leave the game through the close application open it will not save.

I don’t know if you did what I described above or not but it’s info worth sharing. If you did quit to main menu you should confirm that so that the dev team can continue to look into it.

Yes. I quit the game to the main menu, but it doesn’t save. It’s been like these while playing offline several times before. It’s really disheartening and annoying.

Hey @Mathilda

Which system model are you using? (Ps4 slim, Pro, original)
Do you have any external drive installed, or is your storage full?

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