Game Freeze while fighting human under wild surge

Everytime i go to a wild surge to capture some thralls, the game freeze and stop responding. So can’t really get thralls

I think if not all of us, most do have this same exact issue. It has something to do with knocked out thralls. Seems if you just kill all the thralls it doesn’t crash, But once you knock one out it does.

Well that’ a bummer. Do you know if they are working on it?

Same here on 6109. Knocking out thralls causes crashes. Also bodies disappear as well. Wild surges only.

Same thing with me.3 surges in a row game crashed while getting thrawlls.Only way out is to restart computer.

Same thing with me. Also, I am forced to do a hard reboot, since I can’t alt-tab to task manager. Is there any way to avoid hard rebooting?


@WhatMightHaveBeen I just wanted to point out it’s not Wild Surges only. I just did my very first T4 Surge Since 2.1. After I knocked out the first thrall and than looked down at it, my whole computer locked up, and from there I had to restart it completely to fix it.

I had saw your comment and assumed Summoned surges were Ok, so I decided to than do one based on this comment. But nope, it’s all surges.

@Dvaidp A fellow player on my server said they have dual Monitors and what they did was prior to trying to drag a thrall they opened up Task manager and put it on the spare Monitor so they can than End Task of Conan when it Crash’s.

So I would say that :slight_smile:

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Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and we’re working on a fix to address it with an upcoming emergency hotfix.
Apologies for the frustration.


thank you for the update. Everything works now


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