Can we get our heads out and farm Surges safely?

Or wait for the fix? :slight_smile:

Whats not safe?

Since yesterday, after the update, game keeps crashing after different interactions with wild surges. After killing/stunning all thralls, or while the wild surge cloud would dissipate, sometimes even through the second spawn.

Personally I’m holding off. Which does kinda suck, but, well… they are aware of the problem and working on it, so there’s nothing to do but wait.

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lol wait for fix, you will simply crash if you try to bind a thrall, crashed 15 time yesterday, but if u want to do a try

I just want to point out it’s not just Wild Surges, I did my first T4 Surge since 2.1 and first thrall I knocked out and than looked down at my whole Computer basically locked up and I had to restart it.

I read a comment somewhere (Which I can’t find now) where someone said it was Wild Surges only, it’s not, it’s all surges.

A yes my frend had a purge on the old map and game crached 15 times during the purge to.

Same on our server, reports of crashing with thralling

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