Game freezing when dragging thralls

Ok, yes I have read this issue out there in a few threads already, but…

Game freezing when dragging a sleeping thrall, as usual. I also read people mention hardware issues, but a fact is, I have been playing Conan Exiles for quite some time, and this issue only started recently after the Age of War update.

During Age of Sorcery, I managed to build several bases, gather a huge amount of human thralls in both Exiles map and Isle of Siptah, and never, ever, I had such issue of game freezing when dragging a thrall.

My computer is absolutely the same as before: 6 core AMD FX CPU, 16 GB of RAM with a Nvidia 1050 Ti, SSD drive for the OS, a Sata HDD for games, and all drivers updated. I know its not top notch machine but it runs my favorite games very good with max graphics settings (or near).

Anyway, while I’m posting this topic, my Steam is doing a file verification check. I will then get back to the game and drag some random thrall and see if the issue persists. If this verification check actually solves the issue, then I will let you all know so more people can do the same, since every thread I find about this is locked…


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