Game Keeps Minimizing!

Just started today. I launch the game and it keeps minimizing itself, pretty much the second I enter, no matter how many times I tab back into the game window. It’s not happening with any other games, in any mode, fullscreen, windowed, borderless windowed, etc… I’ve tried over a dozen now. I just can’t recreate the issue in any other game. Trying to think what changed between yesterday and today but nothing that I can think of. Running on Windows 10, NVidia drivers up to date and haven’t changed in over a week, didn’t change any in game settings… Ideas?

Okay so from the launcher I continued messing around and switched from Fullscreen to Borderless Windowed mode and that seems to have “fixed” it. I then switched back to fullscreen mode via the in game settings and it’s back to doing the minimizing again… so it’s something with fullscreen mode. I guess it’s an acceptable workaround, but it’s something that maybe should be looked into. I submitted a report.

FWIW, I used to have the same problem and discovered I was inadvertently hitting my Windows key while I was playing. Your mileage may vary, but popping that key off my keyboard solved it for me.

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Definitely not the problem, but thanks for replying! I’m still experimenting to figure out what it is, but in the meanwhile using borderless windowed/windowed mode works…

That is the mode most people use and AFAIK it’s the best to use performance wise, so if it fixes the problem just keep using it :slight_smile: