Game won't stop minimizing/ I can't even reach the main menu

**Game mode: Can’t even enter game.
**Type of issue: Crash? maybe?
Server type: Can’t even enter game
**Region: North America
Mods?: no

Bug Description:

So I start the game. The cut scene plays out fine. But as soon as it’s over and I enter the main menu the game minimizes. And every time I try to open the window it just automatically minimizes again. Sometimes if I wait long enough it automatically connects me to the PvP server I favorited but it still automatically minimizes every time I open the window.

Expected Behavior:

For the window to just stay open I suppose.

Steps to Reproduce:

Just start the game.

nevermind, my friend helped me out. IDK how to delete the topic tho so if anyone knows how to do that, then that would be helpful too