Game minimizes automatically, driving me nuts

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I wanted to play for a few hours with the free to play weekend via Steam, so I downloaded it. When I try to run the game (via Steam Library or via shortcut), it opens full screen with the logos and opening video, then when that’s done and the game menu opens, it automatically minimizes and I can’t get it back to full screen to start the game or even exit properly.

I’m running on Windows 10 with the proper game specs and I’ve tried several fixes that don’t work. Also, other Steam games work fine. At the end of my rope, just wanted to see if I liked it and would buy if so, but stuck. Not a major techie but understand some stuff. It seems like it might be a Win10 issue, but I tried running in compatability mode for Win7 & 8 and still no go. Almost seems like something else is blocking it by taking up too much ram???

Please help. Any suggestions welcome!!!

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  1. Please see above description.

So I’ve had this on other games and note I’m on Xbox for ce. So first you fire wall most likely is minimizing it to ask you if you want to allow this game to make changes to your pc as that’s the same thing it asks for every game but it’s not popping up due to the load of the game takes some load on your system so try to type in the search bar notifications and it should pop up what it’s trying to do or ask you see if that helps This also works for most games so if you find the problem then that should help in the future

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