GAME OF THRALLS [EU] [RP-PVP] - Immersion, Conflict, Lore - Season 6 opening 1st of February

GoT is a heavy conflict role playing server for mature and experienced role players that want character driven stories of conflict against a backdrop of canonical Howard lore. Conflict can take many forms, access to land or resources, religion, culture, envy, lust, and ultimately violence and warfare.
We offer a set of mods, custom settings, extensive lore compilations and rules designed to create a world of character driven conflicts, with the threat of PvP, permadeath and ultimately war always looming.
Previous season of our server lasted from 17th of August 2018 to 1st of January 2019 and gathered together a large dedicated community.
Now we are relaunching server with even more extensive lore, revised ruleset and extended mod list.


A beast of a server that is optimized, automated and maintained for no lag, fast restarts and no downtime. We run identical to the worlds leading PvP servers.

The most extensive lore compilation available on any RP server, remaining as close to Howard’s works as possible. Maintained by lore-masters that are extremely knowledgeable in both real history and the fictional Howard universe.

Rules, settings, modlist and a server-mod that is all focused on creating the most immersive environment that promotes character-driven conflict. Conflict is not only PvP - politics, intrigue, trade, negotiations, jealousy and betrayal is just as common.

A ruleset that is simple, but extensive, written to be free of subjective enforcement. Enforced by Admins that are experienced, trusted, fair and not insecure power-tripping cheaters.

A community that is mature and friendly. People able to play the most deprived and vile villains in-game, but remain friendly and courteous out-of-character. A place with preciously little salt and drama, even though death and destruction is common.

Welcome to the GAME OF THRALLS!

Join Today and apply for an experience not available anywhere else!


The new season starts on the 1st February. We have updated the mods, rules and created on of the most in-depth lore sections that any Conan RP servers have gathered. Join our discord Chanel to have a look at what we’re about. Last season was fantastic but we aim to improve, build upon and surpass it. So please all new and returning players are welcome but it’s not for the faint hearted.

We can now count, on our hands, the days left until Season 6!! And theres plenty of time left to get an application posted and be ready to jump through the gate with the rest of us!

Are you thrirsty for bloodshed?

Are you hungry for conflict?

If so, then Game of Thralls is for you! Join our discord to find out more!

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As ages pass and the change wind settles upon the exiled lands; It is the dawn of a new season on Game of Thralls.

Are you after one of the most mature, lore based, challenging and exciting role playing servers? This is a player driven server so what happens in game will help define and develop through our the season. Do you wish to build a Kingdom? Set up a holy order? Bring civilisation to the barbarian? Well last season we had the lot. The ebb and flow of the players characters, the development, betrayal and backstabbing wasn’t for the feint hearted.

Three days to go to launch. So get a wiggle on and be part of one of the most unique and exhilarating gaming experience you can find.

Join our Discord Chanel and look through one of the most extensive lore section gathered for the game. Take a read of the previous seasons stories and read over our rules but get an application done.

Join our discord to find out more!

The launch of GoT season 6 has been a huge success!

With no complications or need for restarts, the server is holding steady at 55-60 (server)FPS, meaning zero server lag. We had 50-55 players right out of the gates and remaining online long into the night.

Come join us at Game of Thralls.

We have the most extensive lore.
The highest quality of roleplay.
The best preforming private roleplay server.

Join our discord to find out more and to apply.

Today we have reached #6 on battlemetrics of all the CE servers. Come to see on your own eyes this unique server, where there is 40 players online yet you do not meet a single soul or single sandstone box 'till you notice all those eyes lurking in the shadows :wink:

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This season has started great with a new record in the number of new players joining. If you want to join one of the best RP servers which has the most detailed lore and background then visit us at our discord channel.

The quality and maturity of the servers are outstanding but it’s not for the faint-hearted;

Will you be the one to rule the lands? bring order to chaos? create or be the high lords of new nations? or set yourself up as a thief king or pirate lord? Well, the world is at your fingertips.

Come and join us to find out…

I just wanted to hop on to say thank you for creating such an in depth roleplaying experience through this server. Ive been on many different RP communities and Ive never actually felt like I was entirely immersed even when im just grinding for resources. The intensity of perma death and diplomacy all share an equal power and it’s phenomenal the experiences you will have.

The limitations to this server are simply left to the individual. It can be as intense or as relaxing as you would like it to be. Its about how much you pursue to meet people. Fantastic.

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All time favorite server ever.

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So the season is in full swing and the game’s afoot. Welcome to GoT Season 6.
We are one of the most mature and lore based servers in the role playing community with unique rules and player deaths. With a growing server population and regular players this is for those who truly want to emerge in the games lore with no ingame meta-knowledge or OCC fighting.
This is a player driven server where one player can forge a great Nation or become an insane inquisitor. Our rules are simple be brave; be mature, have fun but be in character…
Come and join our discord channel to find out more and browse our application process.
Players who join really become part of the server and everyone who is wants a mature RP experience is welcome.

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I have explored many a RP server. None represent Robert E. Howard’s Conan and the Hyborian world better then GAME OF THRALLS [EU] [RP-PVP] - Immersion, Conflict, Lore - Season 6. It is a true representation of the gritty, sexy, and survival themes Howard created. Even based in the USA with the mismatched time zones I find this server theme to be a big enough enjoyment to make up for not always catching the majority of the player’s prime time. Of course the weekends make up for that issue. I have had players from other servers read up on Game of Thralls and claim it is far to PvP oriented for their taste. They would be wrong, the RP is deep and rich and the PvP does nothing but add to it. The rules compliment the server theme beautifully; You can go an entire season never experiencing PvP and still cause all the conflict, intrigue, and trouble you wish, if that is your goal. If you want to experience Conan Exiles and Howard’s world as it was meant to be, this is the home for you.


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well said!!!

So the wheel turns and another brilliant week has passed. Who did survive the weekend murder and mayhem? Well a new power is rising in the lands; one that is about to cause a shift in the powers of the exiled lands. Who are they? Come and join our discord and put in an application.

We are a server dedicated to the role playing and immersion of the Conan world. Our lore section is the best around which gives over to the unique player characters and clans.

This is a player driven server which sift at the rise and flow of the lands develop or die.

So come and see what we are about. We are fabulous.