Game Progress Ending Bug

Today I was playing Moons of Madness and was just past the part “Knowledge Consumed” where you ride up the elevator and have to get into the rover.

However, there is no helmet to grab to go outside with. Initially I thought this was a test to see how fast you could do it. I tried several times but with no luck I started to wonder if this was a bug.

I brought up Youtube and went searching. I was able to find that spot in the game and there WAS a helmet there.

So I went the next route. I wanted to see if I could find a clipping code or a anything to cheat my way into the rover. I refuse to pay 15 bucks for a “program” to help cheat to get into the rover.

I reinstalled the game, but it looks like it’s tied to the save.

Please help. I would like to finish your game and this sucks.

Has any dev looked at this yet? Is it possible to send my save game data so you can see the bug and fix it?

Bueller? Anyone…? Bueller?

How about this, can anyone send me a save file that works around or after the chapter Knowledge Consumed.

Hello @Savral, apologies for the delay in our response, are you able to share this savegame with us? You may do so privately through a direct message.

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I had the same issue a few days ago

Yes I can. I had given up hope honestly. I was just about to uninstall when I figured I would check the forum one last time. I will send it over to you shortly.

So apparently I can not upload that kind of file, and when I tried to send you a link in drop box that doesn’t work as well… then when I found a way around that it says I can’t message you Hugo .

So… go to the dropbox place and add /s/87z7672ch3cp6so/savegame.sav?dl=0

That’s the save game file. Otherwise can you message me an email address to send the file to.

Hope this helps. I will hold off and wait to see if you have a fix for this.

By the way… if anyone who is not new that sees this can tag Hugo… I would appreciate it. I am not allowed as a new member to do pretty much anything until I have been here a while.

Hi Savral, thank you for taking the time to upload a save file, we’ve forwarded it to the developers so that they can look into this issue.

Will someone reach out to me and send me an updated file so I can continue where I left off? I would really like to stream and finish the game, but I can’t until I get the fixed file at this point.

It’s been a few months since I brought this bug to your attention. I would really appreciate if I could finish your game, but that requires me to get a different save file. Can any developer help me with that or do I really need to start from the very beginning?