Game Suggestion: Remove level requirements on foreman's and cyborg barracks gear


The Cyborg barracks is home to some very interesting gear, most of which is underwhelming for the minimum level requirements. Some of the gear (especially hellspinner shock cannon and internal anti-matter powerplant) would fit amazingly well for their skill requirements but are outdated by the time you can equip them. Similarly, the customized desert reet and gamma ejector have a minimum level of 41, but have requirements and damage ranges suited for a level 15-25 character. Nobody is building twinks around these weapons because the level range makes them obsolete by the time you can equip them. Removing the level requirement would make it viable to build twinks around these weapons.

I feel the same way about some of the un-upgraded Steps of madness loot:
Fractured Sanity
Neleb’s nano-circuit robe
Cortex of the executioner

Choosing to wear any of the items above, even without the level requirement, means sacrificing other meaningful stats. The robe is a back item without any AC that instead gives nano skills. Cortex is a head implant that gives crit instead of nano skills. Fractured sanity is a ring that lowers your base casting abilities for a nano resist bump. Making the decision to use any of these items on a low level twink and have it work the way you want would feel amazing as a twinker.

EDIT: just to be clear, I am not suggesting that the level requirements for ALL gear to be removed. there are some items which actually grant huge power spikes for certain professions or which remain the best-in-slot for a long time where the level requirement seems totally justified, such is the case with assault class tank armor, the Dark Dreams/Mesh circuit board, the upgraded SoM loot, exarch robe, notum rings of the three, etc.


For a Froob most of those are still relevant as is. But yes for expansion user’s they are mostly useless.

But Cortex on it’s own yes even for a Froob that is near useless.