Suggestion about Notum-Wars

Idea about Notum Wars:

New Tower
QL 300 Guardian Conductor of Funneling (Guardian Conductor of Funneling - Anarchy Online Items Database) NoDrop - Unique - Cost: Ql * 35 VP

QL 300 Guardian Conductor of Talent (Guardian Conductor of Talent - Anarchy Online Items Database)
NoDrop - Unique - Cost: Ql * 35 VP

QL 300 Atomic Turret (Atomic Turret - Anarchy Online Items Database)
NoDrop - Unique - Cost: Ql * 45 VP

QL 300 Control Tower - Omni (Control Tower - Omni - Anarchy Online Items Database)
NoDrop - Unique - Cost: Ql * 100 VP

QL 300 Control Tower - Neutral (Control Tower - Neutral - Anarchy Online Items Database)
NoDrop - Unique - Cost: Ql * 100 VP

QL 300 Control Tower - Clan (Control Tower - Clan - Anarchy Online Items Database)
NoDrop - Unique - Cost: Ql * 100 VP

PvP Range changes:
Like the lvl-ranges we have already in Battlestation:
215 to 220 Tier 8
201 to 214 Tier 7
151 to 200 Tier 6
101 to 150 Tier 5
61 to 100 Tier 4
31 to 60 Tier 3
10 to 30 Tier 2
1 to 9 Tier 1

Social Armor for PvP Ranks
Like a fancy Social “Tier” Armor for each Profession.
Unlocked for different PvP-Ranks, all ranks should count.
1-10 in Duel-Rank or Team-Rank or Solo-Rank.

I think NW level ranges are fine except they could be tightened up above 200, maybe separate 201-220 from the existing level ranges. The way it is now promotes diversity in levels and builds. the system you are proposing would make the only viable twink levels to be 9, 30, 60, 100, 150, 200, 214, 220, eliminating countless builds.

Few years back I’ve suggested one simple and effective change - instead of changing level ranges - lock pvp range to ±1 titlelevel. No more 214vs170 or 207vs165. That will make tl5 way waaaay more entertaining than it is now.

this would only affect tl 7-tl5 interaction which is a good thing. however tl6 goes up to 204 which is still a pretty big advantage vs tl5

Well, that’s true. Another approach could be ±10% in level. To make level ranges even better it can be lvl +10% to level and +1titlelevel2 for max, and -10% to level and + 1titlelevel for min.
So level 21 will be able to attack 21
1,1+22=27lvl max and 210,9-2=17lvl min (as it is)
For 170 it will be 1701,1+52=197 max and 170*0,9-5=148 min.
Or something like that, just need accurate formula and calcs.
This will surely make battles more fair when it comes to level difference, and will open pretty interesting new level ranges for mid-level PvP.
As an addition - I think OS/AS should only be available once per 6h tower field open period.

Actually currently 21 can attack 15-27. People have become pretty used to the current level ranges and the only area where people really complain about is when 201+ are dominating tl5 tower wars.

abundance of duplicated Instant-rezz cans
multiboxers oneshotting people with 6 accounts in pvp
naked/rezzing players going APT in your face with no cooldown
players using engi warps while in combat

these are some of the issues which make NW really toxic, if FC decided to address these issues I think a lot of players would consider returning to notum wars.

I don’t think level ranges need to directly coincide with Battle stations but I agree that it should be some formula that keeps it’s fair. The tl5 range is where it’s abused the most and it should never have been allowed for 201+ to attack tl5s. I think there should be a new PvP range similar to 100-125, 126-150, 151-174, 175-200, 201-210, then finally 211-220 and BS could remain similar to how it is now except maybe a small tweak to tl6-tl7. You can keep tower sites the same level range. Some twinks would have to readjust but for the most part this would balance the massive abuse of twink killers at the tl5 range.

There are some other very easy updates they can do to balance out tower wars. Warps and team meeps should not be allowed in combat or have a 5 minute or longer cooldown during combat so you can’t chains abuse warps or meeps during a massive war.

I think a good idea to “find out” some changes who everyone is fine with would be a community vote.
But we have to get FunComs attention in this case. *WAVE :rofl: