Overlapping BS would be interesting

I would enjoy it for sure, if the top level of each Battlestation also was the lowest level of the next Battlestation. So a level 150 would be able to join both the (in this case) 100-150 and 150-200 Battlestation.

Same way a level 200 would be able to enter 150-200 and 200-214 and so on.

Random saturday thoughts.

While I see this as interesting in a way, it would be a bit unbalanced tbh. While that would help a lot as froobs could finally get “200-214” BS going, it would make it interesting to have froobs farming 214s.

Also, the BS level ranges right now were changed from their original:
210-220 / 200-209 / 175-199 / 150-174 / 124-149 / 100-124 / 75-99 / 50-74 / 20-49

Those were the sad days with those ranges. For those not knowing about BS, current ranges:
215-220 / 201-214 / 151-200 / 101-150 / 61-100 / 31-60 / 10-30

I think the point is to make the BS run more often for quest updates. Since its not a place for pvp anymore, then the overlapping idea makes sense, flexibility is always good!

I dont know how you get a froob to “farm” 214s , but I have to give you a pirate point for that lol

They need to just do a complete revamp of Battlestations, the map itself is terrible in my subjective opinion. It’s just way too huge, empty, and boring, which is a shame because AO has some good scenery, like with the alien ships and Shadowlands in general.

Agreed … although, look at the notum mines area, it bloomed maybe for a month back then. But a promising PVP area with a new point system, and without leveling quests, could probably gain some success. Even to create bots to fight you in a way a player would fight - meaning the bot could have a proper alpha at a time etc. Just for the practise, so it encourages people to PVP more. People find it hard to PVP without encouragement, especially with as low the population is so I doubt it would bring anyone but those 12 people, from different timezones, who actually DO pvp, but not someone who might want to pvp a little without it. + the fact that PVP is sort of broken does not help the fact at all. Also, You know, the area where lowbies can click the button to gain GSF, just to make the whole experience of fight little more entertaining. Lack of runspeed is just too obvious and boring at lower levels.

Players need reasons to join the battlestation besides just ‘pvp’. Else you get a very small group of people actually using the battlestation. You need a way to make players experience pvp so they can start liking it. So I kinda like the idea of xp/item rewards to make pvm’ers get experience and try it out.

When Funcom/ark made “Rubi-ka Rumble” happen (3v3 pvp tournament). They had a small arena with 2 buffing rooms that open after a set time and the 2 teams fight. That would be perfect for 4-10 people or so. So it would be last team standing.

So you can sign up. The system forms 2 teams of 2-5 people. Would be best to spread professions and balance skill level of players. This skill level could be a score you get from the battlestation, you should also be able to lose points! A fun extra could be a leaderboard with these scores, more epeen!

Make this happen and I would be addicted for another 20 years :stuck_out_tongue:

Contradictions on your own posts :slight_smile: Just like any battlestation, most of the rounds are toons that are fully undergeared (aka XP guns, and leveling armor, with few symbs) or diehard fully twinked (saw a 214 trad with dual pdkp’s, keepers are fully tricked out, etc.).

Also a lot of people bring alts still, thus you’ll have toons not buffed sitting at one of the spawn points. A good geared 200 froob can easily take out a 214 afk toon. Or since 200s are fully allowed, get a team of 200s to kill, easy team experience for 200s as they get experience relative to your level versus theirs.

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Right! So yeah, nowadays when BS is a place to level up, and probably one of the best geared players in it are froobs trying to gain some good XP, it makes sense. I had to remind myself the era of geared characters overhelming battlestations while 20 people has been waiting outside, hoping to get in the current BS round is long gone! … I see what u mean now!

It recently pushed myself to level 6 froobs to level 10, just to be able to get the drone mission done for my two paid characters, since my timezone is not very efficient to do so. It just makes me realize how bad it is, but what can u do if you like the game … :]