Why don't Battlestations run anymore?

I’ve been trying for a bit to just get some BS PvP action, but they literally never run. Does anyone have any guesses as to why? Or if you’re someone that used to run them but stopped, what made you stop?

It is irritating for those who seek BS for pvp to find afk boxes or pvmers just standing afk the entire BS. What also quite often happene is that once we get some BS pvp, it doesnt last due to some selfish pvmers hellbent on quadcapping to get their dailies done. The best stuff happens at core, but in the midst of big fights its not always so easy to pay attention to if some scrub decides to cap.

Along with this, there are quite a few people who are active in city pvp or in some cases tara/towers. Who will never join a BS if they arent atleast a full team. The best battlestations are when these people join and we get a omni vs clan BS, but sadly most of these players will never sign up without the rest of the group being on. It could run a lot more often if they did.

Battlestation does not have backyards like in city pvp where people can run if they are low on health or even attacked. Which may be why some people who only play gank and run pvp will not join. Alot of people with big egos, who does not like to die will also never join.

These are just assumptions. Whether or not its the reality i do not know. I do not mean any offense with this, im just a bit frustrated.

Low population plays a huge role in this.

Daily missions completely ruined the idea of a battle station PVP.

People don’t join BS for PVP anymore rather just for the XP.

There is a zero motivation for a new player or a PVM player to even like PVP. How could you start liking something you cannot train every day just like we used to when population was good, like entering the BS once a week where you get smashed by cookiecutters is fun…

There is a zero motivation for an experienced player or a PVP player to even want to join the BS due to above mentioned reasons. Like killing greens, afkers or PVMers is fun…

Well, of course a new player in pvm gear is gonna get stomped in a BS if they encounter experienced players in a pvp setup. Be it just the one player or a team of such players. It has to be demotivating. The difference in standard setups from those two worlds is immense. A pvm player in full add dmg/crit gear that does not have aimed shot or sneak attack is gonna die fast and at the same time experience a lack of damage.

There is a lack of proper sites of pvp builds to find anywhere, not just forums. Proper guides for each profession could help on that issue. Doesnt have to be big, just a link to different setups on aosetups and a quick explenation of the intent of the setup. A section of pvp and pvm setups for each prof somewhere on the forums. A thread that is pinned and does fade away over time like most threads. Given how long the game has been out i am quite stunned by how hard it can be to find any information about pvp setups outside of the game.

Along with this, new players or pvmers looking to get into pvp can ask pretty much any of the veteran pvpers for tips and they would get proper answers. Quite many of the best pvpers be it mass pvpers, city pvpers or duelers are friendly people who can share lots of their knowledge.

This may come as a shocker to you, but no players = no guides.

BS hasn’t been PvP since the daily mission changes, and it was dead for years before that. Accept it for what it is: the easiest daily mission for players running multibox farms

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I still don’t really get why it’s evil for me to join a BS for the purposes of XP, and playing the defined game of capping. I’ll admit those who join and immediately AFK are boring as hell, but as a PvMer I know I’ll almost certainly die in moments if a PvP actually focusses on me. Thus my PvP “game” is to reduce the number of my deaths whle maximising the points for my side by capping, play with mech’ing up, and yes, I’ll take pot shots and debuffs at the other side if there seems to be a gain. That seems fair and not selfish.

Ironically, I seem to remember one time when a mutli-box PvMer threatened to abort BS because I was merrily capping against their lazy efforts and if they didn’t get the full points in minimum time they weren’t going to play. Now that was pathetic.

I find it remarkable that those who enjoy PvP against other PvPers who enjoy it (and accept their death if its coming) can’t find another place to play, and those that enjoy ganking and kill counts - well BS ought to be heaven, with fresh meat lured in and ready for the easy slaughter.

A PvPer who wants fights where the option of their opponent running away to safety is not present seems a little optimistic in any game, and should settle for bragging rights and cries of Chicken.

nobody wants to pvp

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Well, you are griefing the players attempting to pvp.

The opposite example is the following: imagine i am in a bs with no one capping on my side vs only pvmers. I stay at one cap point, where i proceed to kill anyone attempting to cap. I do not leave the cap point even if people attempt to bait me out. A single bs could last 20+++ minutes. The result would always be a bunch of angry tells and people afking out of the bs. I rarely do this, because it is extremely boring. In such a case i dont give a shit about what the majority of players in the bs seeks to do or if i waste their time.

Which is exactly the same as in the scenario where you have many players signing up for a bs to pvp, only to have their time wasted due to a few pvmers hellbent on capping.