Suggestion for Rubi-ka2019

I personally like Rubika2019 alot… Level caps could go alitle higher. But what if we never got SL but went for AI instead then with AI we get research along with it. it would surely create a fair balance. Also no LOX and if things goes good you could make new zones in RK. Give this a thought i think it could be fun…

I would like NW, SL, AI… not sure about others, but well dont care if full expansions come.

We need pvp rebalance if all expansions come thats for sure.

And please old pvp legacy tittles back, just one kind for all, no matter if u solo or duel, maybe two for team pvp.

Old live citys was nice, not istanced ones, RK is empty without. Maybe let realworld citys for orgs with more than X members, and istanced for small orgs?

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