Rk 2020 Inc..? :)

Offer server xfer on rk2019 to the old and open rk 2020…

If it would happen it be nice to see some of theese things be diffrent.

  1. multibox ban
  2. less level caps
  3. open shadowlands from start (more things to do if level caps)
  4. minor balance = nerf a few professions

If none of this happens i still be happy, but i would like a fresh rk 2020.
And it would most likely give funcom a minor income boost that should be more than enough reason to do this.

Why a new server for that to split the population again? Instead of putting work into a new server like they failed with rk19 why not just put some balance into regular servers? Some small balance and qol changes would go a very very long way.

wtb server balance and sploit fixes … all we need while we all play the quarantine game! :smiley:

Afraid they dont know much about anarchy online anymore or bother work much with the old codes.
A balance to professions part 2 and remove CH on Awaken would be a nice start.
Maybe fix how the Attackrate skill check works with perks… it has always been totaly broken.

But yes… the good old server could problabe have a community agein if they announced a Balance inc.

They should do them every year. At the end of the year, like a Diablo season combine the progression server into the main one, wipe it, rename it, and start a new “season”.


no more re-balances until they can dedicate a team to regular balance changes. Last time they pretty much went ape on a few professions and we’re left with the least balanced iteration of the game I have personally ever witnessed.

edit: I define regular balance patches as about 1 per year. new fresh server and a new patch every year with characters rolling over into the main server at the end would be cool. I don’t think level caps are necessary.

Migrate all players to a single new server. (ANARCHY ONLINE.)

Make the game F2P.

Lower prices of the in game store to reasonable, affordable levels.

Enjoy the resulting chaos, and cash infusion.

Ban multi-boxing outright.

Support the server and polish the game as long as it’s profitable.

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Bumping thread, I was going to post something similar, but I searched and found this. I think instead of transfering toons from rk2019, they do what Krause suggested, and maybe make the server a “season” type thing, where things unlock over time, and you have different goals each time, like maybe “get to this level and defeat this boss” or “complete this challenge”, and doing so would net you rewards on AO main server. That way it keeps things fresh and interesting, new character every time a season starts, possibly an option to move the toon over to main if you want (assuming you have the character space), and sort of breathes new life into the game, people playing this game for the most part have been playing for a long time, so this gives a new way to experience the game, use your expertise/knowledge of the game help you to overcome these challenges.