Gamepass doesn't provide Battleye!


Hello! I hope somebody can help me because I’m really getting mad with a problem concerning the Gamepass version of the game for PC. As written in the title, the Xbox App doesn’t provide Battleye and I’m unable to play on official servers. I’ve been trying to find a way to install it manually but contrary to the Steam version, even if there is a folder named Battleye, there isn’t any installer file. So I’ve been searching for a standalone downloadable version of BE on google but it doesn’t exist, not even on the official site. Is there a solution or as long as I play on this platform I’m forced to play only on unofficial servers?
Thank you!

I’m not playing on Steam but via Xbox App, which is different. But an interesting turn of events happened. After having reinstalled the game, I’ve found out that there was another folder which contains the BE installer. But it doesn’t work anyway: it opened a sort of cmd prompt saying “installing Battleye” but after a couple of minutes it closed without having installed anything! It must be related to the error 0x8007042b that occurs everytime I run the game. I tried to restart the pc and this time when I click on InstallBattleye it appears a message saying that the program is not compatible with a 64bit version of Windows. How is it possible?

I solved installing the game with Windows Defender turned off. I’m not sure how it worked because I’ve got an error message about Battleye after the installation, however I can play on official servers now…
Anyway have to rant a little bit about this thing since imho this is not a good way to distribute a videogame. From one side, Microsoft seems not to care too much about how the games run on its platform since it offers a game that doesn’t work correctly, in fact many players couldn’t even open the game at all. From the other side, Funcom itself made a game that requires to be installed with the firewall turned off in order to be played (and nobody tells you), because they had to pick the weirdest and most complicated anti-cheat system, which causes many problems with a lot of games.
Moreover there’s a funny thing that really makes no sense! I’ve noticed that if I play with the firewall turned off I can see nudity, otherwise I get the characters censored. This is not a problem for me but it’s absurd anyway! ^^’

Interesting observation. Thanks for sharing (I am not being sarcastic).

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