[Gamepass for PC] Does the Regional Specific DLC actually work?

I have the Xbox Gamepass for PC (I’ve read some topics on this forum, so before anyone is like “hurdur, this is not the Xbox forum”: Gamepass for PC is on PC. I’m not talking about Xbox. It’s a store/subscription on the PC. For PC games.)
I have downloaded the “Regional Specific DLC” (i.e. the Nudity-enabler). But upon starting the game, there are no nudity options in the “options” menu and when joining a server with full nudity enabled, the most I can choose is “partial nudity”.
So my question is: does the Regional Specific DLC actually work? Is anyone here playing the game on PC via Xbox Gamepass and has full nudity enabled? Am I missing something (like, do I have to enable the DLC in-game or something?)

Bonus question for the devs: Any update on mods having to be installed on the System drive on Gamepass? Because that limitation is quite annoying when your game is over 100 GB large.

You may need to actually purchase the base game to get the dlc to work correctly.

I don’t know if that’s the case, but on Xbox (I know it’s different) you can use dlcs without purchasing the game on game pass

Microsoft region locks dlc.

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