Getting a Thrall (ie the process) is waaaayy too complicated lol)

This is how according to Siptah, you should get thralls. Becuase people keep asking all the time (It should never need a whole damn paragrapth to explain, at that point the developers have screwed up. What happened to simply going to a thrall Camp and beating out Thralls Instead we have this

So getting a thrall in Siptah lol

  • So you need to Summon Surge, What’s a Surge? Well you have to go to a Leyshrine while there’s a blue portal in the sky to summon a Surge. What’s a Leyshrine? Well it’s one of a few buildings placed around the Tower that you have to go to. So You’ll need 50 Hardened Steel to place into the Layshrine, To Select an Altar, then you select which type of Altar piece you need (I.E South, north west etc) And Always make sure you Place the altar down first and not press the lever until you put the Demon ??? Into the Altar so it get’s converted into the Cotton Candy that you need to summon a Surge. Where do you get the Cotton Cnady From? Well you have to wait for the Maelstrom to happen every 45 minutes, there’s 3 type of Demon ??? that depending on the monster Type you kill gives you the Demon ??? after harvesting So then you take the Demon ??? Then you place the ??? onto the Altar And wait for it be converted into Cotton Candy, Which can take upwards of 15-30mins depending how much you put inside it. Well How much do i need? Well The Game does not even tell you this, but there are several Tiers of Surges just to Summon Thralls. And it’s a VERY Specific Number. Then the Thralls Drop from the Sky once the Skyportal opens up, and then you have to fight the Random Assortment of thralls, Use a Beater/Club to knock them out and then drag the thralls back to your Wheel of pain.

Like Holy Crap lol. How about we Just go to a Camp? Find a thrall we want, knock it out and drag it back to a base? Give me that back please instead of this confusing mess of Steps.

If you wanted ot make Thrall Farming harder and less predictable in the Exiled Land, then just make it so the Camps have a % chance of spawning in Several Kinds of Named thralls instead of just 1-2 specific ones for that camp.

Make Thralls Patrol And Attack Players and Camps outside of Purges, Make it more interactive and dynamic! None of this Complicated mess you need just to get a decent Thrall. The Idea is great, but the Implementation is just horrible.


you should specify a Tier 4 named thrall , cause if not people will answer " you could just have tell them to go do wild surges ! " , but you are right about the complicate explanation you have to give to people that are asking . I myself explain a lot of things to new player but when someone ask for how to get tier 4 thralls I tell them to watch a video on youtube cause it’s too complicated to write down ( even more when english is not your (and your interlocutor) native language ! )

having some sort of cinematic ( when you learn for instance the feat for the convergence trap ) or even have the leyshrines have a similar orb like in the vaults that could display the elders using the leyshrine ( as a demonstration of how to use them :wink: )

they are no longer that important , and i feel its not complicated, but it does require getting ready for them, unlike exiles that you just run to places and wait for them to pop. XD

mhm expect they are in fact , just compare a T4 priest made spear to the actual best spear ( in terms of stats , not effects ) of the game at the moment :

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