Getting disconnected a lot when changing playfield

These past couple of days, I have been having trouble getting disconnected a lot when changing playfield. There seem to be a 25% chance the client will crash. Some whompah’s always plain out crashes the game. Like going to Varmint Woods from Tir, or Broken Shore from Bliss. Also the game client crashes a lot in general. I have been clicking the button to send the debug info to Funcom every time, does anybody ever read that? On an average the game seem to either disconnect or crash on me every 5min, in particular these past 3 days or so. Please help.

the whompah routes u are talking about are well know to crash with the new client.
only thing u can do is using the old one or get used to it. The guy who was working on the new engine is prolly no longer with funcom so they have no one to fix that.
There are many ideas how to make it more stable, but most of them require full moon or just working fridays. u got what i mean? ^^

Yeah, same thing is happening to me as well. Started a couple days ago. Nothing has changed but when I grid, whompa, move into another zone I get disconected about 25% of the time. This happens with Old and New client… Getting very frustrating. Also get a handler not found issue when trying to log back in.