Getting kicked from Onslaught after 2 levels

Since the release of onslaught I have been getting kicked after 2-3 waves. All toons so it is account wide.

Now I can not log into my bank at any location to get items.

I also get kicked when logging into Entity.

I have un-installed and re-installed the game.
Have plenty of free Gigs.
I fix data about 2-3 times per week.
Set to DirectX 9 for ever.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.

i had similar problems when i ran with particle quality on ‘low’, this was causing endless loading screens or random crashs whenever ‘something special’ like a - well - particle effect was loading

Honestly its a joke how they implemented particles in onslaught. Should be world particles. But when they figured out the way they implemented it was silly, they did not care to fix it but but a text message instead :frowning: I have severe fps drops only with my conq, tried a lot out, but found out other conqs notice the fps dips as well. To me its clearly related to play as conq , when i play on any other class its much smoother…
Good that you mention particles quality, I was already thinking to tune it down as well. For now I just stick with 50% particles density which keeps all important information visible.

I only run on low particles so that is not the issue. I crash on all toons including my conq.

running on low particles was exactly the issue for me. couldnt load into conalls valley, paikang plus other regions and crashed during certain raid encounters. never tried onslaught with this because onslaught released after i ‘fixed’ my issue