Getting stuck on the horse

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Ger / DE

The horse follows and you get too close to the horse or vice versa and you get stuck. Jumping away sometimes helps (It is a little bit like the rhino bug, except that it is not limited to the shoulder area.). If you jump on by mistake, the Gui disappears and you cannot steer anymore.

The video shows that the gui gets stuck and the picture shows the complete disappearance of the gui.

The whole thing happens more often, so it was not necessarily in connection with the situation in the video.

Video to Bug

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Hey @Daimonicon

Thanks for the feedback. Does this issue also occur when playing without mods?

Yes. You get stuck pretty easy. Without mods.

Just Crouch down with “C” key and you will be unstucked

Without mods I can’t say - I can’t endure the game without them.

Yes with jumping you will get out as well - But the bug should be fixed anyway or ?

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