Ghost at the entrance of THE SUMMONING PIT not appearing but sound does play

Game mode: Online private | Single-player
Type of issue: Bug | Misc]
Server type:PvP | PvE-Conflict | PvE
Region: North America

So while i wait patiently for the rest of my clan to get on and the next update, i figure i got a emote hunt. I read there was one of the SPANKING emote by a ghost near a book at the entrance of THE SUMMONING PIT. I hear the sound of the ghost but i could not see one anywhere. I had to refer to a old youtube video to see if i was having a whoosh moment. Apparently I was not. I found the book but no ghost character was present even though the sound played. I was on my dedicated server when this occurred and figure i’ll just on the single player end just to see and it was not present as well but the audio played.
No issues with ghosts not appearing else where as far as I can tell.
Not sure when this issue first happened or when the bug was introduced, but it is something i have noticed on my end. I did both fast travel and then walk\ran towards the area to see if maybe it was a slow loading issue and it was not. Everything showed up fine except for the ghost not appearing at the entrance of THE SUMMONING PIT.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Goto the entrance of the summoning pit and look for the book containing the SPANKING Emote. The audio sound will play but the ghost does not show up.
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This ghost does appear for me, but i’m sure some others you see, i will be unable to see them.
That’s a long story with the ghosts, sometimes they appear, some times not.
Seems be different for player to player, server to server. Same in singleplayer, not still same results with all ghost in different playtroughs.

But all in all, lot more i can see now, and that have been fixed. Like the ghost-bear appearing in a stone-circle and leading to a chest. Long time i only had the sound.
Lately now i can see it. I think they recheck bit all of them, and some may have dispaered again. :wink:


Hey there,

Thanks for the heads-up. We’ll inform our team of this paranormal activity.


I run into this problem a lot. I’ll be running around somewhere and the sound for a ghost plays, but there’s no sign of them.

That’s not really why I’m posting here though. Earlier today I was passing through the area just to the east of The Breach and saw a ghost, but I don’t think it was supposed to be there. There was no sound effect and what’s more, it was floating way up in the air. It was laying spread eagle like it’s supposed to be a corpse on the ground or something. The only reason I spotted it is because I noticed something shiny up in the sky from a distance and wondered what it was.

I was considering making a bug report on it, but I haven’t been back there to check if it’s repeatable yet. Since this thread is about ghosts not appearing correctly though, I figured it worth mentioning.

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Think you can throw in a easter egg for me and just have random books float… ya know, just to freak me out. lol

Here coordinate would be fine, cause this make me think at some other treads. The breach seems for many players a spooky place with lot of bugs.

I tried several times to track down these bugs, build bases there, but nothing. I know some are unable to build there partially, and experiment all kind of oddities. So each imput may be important. Ever a kind of floating ghost/eale or whatever. :wink:

Edit : to add to the Breach problematic here, if you look at the map, you may get some answer why it’s so. :wink:
Ever, if you look up in the air, there may be my quetzal fly by… hmmm waite, this was in ARK… :smirk:, but could this bee similar ? or wesh, coord show me 0… and 0 here to… well, yep ! :wink:

I have this same thing. Sound but no Ghost. But this is not the only ghost appearance that is broken for me.

There is a cave, a shortcut through, along the river, north of the starting river, the stream that loops around, right side of it, it cuts the entire corner off. It is near the Mitra shrine on the east side of the southern desert. It is filled with bones, LOTS of bones. The ghost sound plays for me there too and again, no ghost.


Not sure what place you mean, but yes, in a passage.
It’s a ghost leading to a rock, when you destroy it there is a tresor-chest ? this one ?

If yes, for me this ghost was still visible, while others like i said was or are still not. I think depends your game/server, and may differ from player to player. A fancy ghosty bug. :wink:

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I have experienced a similar thing out by the mounds with the skeletal warrior dudes… Got ganked by two of them and with the help of my trusty archer thrall took them down…
Heading back off on my quest, except my thrall took off in the other direction firing arrows at something…
When I caught up to her, it seemed that one of the skeletal warriors had spawned inside a rock!
She wasted a bunch of ironhead arrows, and had to take them off her to only have her continue to use the standard NPC arrows…
Eventually I just left her too it and took off, she caught up eventually…

Maybe this was a similar issue in OP’s case?

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Most of Harlots ghost no longer work.

One by stairs near death whispers, (bed and book one)(edit, book and bed show) no longer shows.
One by Arena pit (above) no longer shows.
Comb hair (Derg darfari camp) has habit of being in ground.
One in Seprupururururururu (or however city name is spelt) no longer shows.(slave pens one, near tent) (dancers do)

Few of others, that slip my mind at moment.

I dont think it ever worked, But “singing” Sanctuary ruins… was never sure if were suppose to hear her sing for tyros or see a ghost.

The Ghost to right, (swims in water, and gets crossbowed) chest doesnt appear high enough in ground (underwater) to be clicked on)

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No, skeletons are npc’s, they will fight you like you could see.

The ghosts OP is talking, are ghosts, and not agressing the player in any way. They learn often emotes, dances, show some hidden chests, or some strange locations. You may look at the scene, watch wath they do, and get maybe a clue. Or there is a book nearby with a recipe.
These ghosts are harmless, and still good to see.
That’s the reason we look around when we hear the ghosty sound going with them mostly.
Don’t worry, you will see the ghost early enough, and hear the voices… :wink:


See, it’s fun. I started lately a new char for some tests, and spoted all these here in your list.
All showed up fine for my character in this game, all books was visible and not burried in ground. But i’m sure there will be some i will not be able to see still, or again, like said.

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Well, I always thought there was no ghost there, never seen it since day one… There have always been some books without a ghost, only ambience sound, at least for me and again this is since first day. It has never been a problem and it isn’t a problem really, there are other bugs I’d rather fix than this, to be honest… This is just a little nuissance at most.

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I regularly go into the Summoning area… farming a Yog Arch… No Ghost spawn for me, just the sounds.

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Oh, I understand the ‘flashback’ ghosts!

I was kinda hoping there was going to be actually something from Tobin’s Spirit Guide like a ‘Class IV Semi-Anchored Entity’ or a 'Class 5 Transmogrified Manifestation"…

Maybe your ability to see ghosts is tied to your survival stats?

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No, they are simply ghosts in game, there is no learning progress, unfortunately, this would be cool, i agree. But you may see them in the world while exploring, or not. The first thing you may hear is the sound, then look around, they may appear nearby.
Can also be animals. Also there are traces of ancient or not so ancient travelers, some let notes shattered around, and you may found some to.

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