Keep hearing a ghost sound on this ledge but see no ghost anywhere

Hoping someone can help it’s at the border of I3 and I4 right on the south side of the river. If I step on this rock ledge I hear a ghost sound and can duplicate it every time by logging out and back in. I thought maybe the house I was building was ■■■■■■■■ it up but I tried on a different server and still nothing. Have searched around and haven’t found anything either can anyone help me with this ghost issue? Is it a bug that I’m even hearing the sound or am I supposed to be seeing one and it isn’t appearing? Any hints on what I’m supposed to find? I tried climbing the tree and didn’t find anything.

That’s not a bug that’s a well known cheater tripple x. he does this to all new players and pretend to haunt their houses. nobody has seen him do it though because he is an invincible hacker body

Towards Water, if memory serves. Its ghost swiming out part way in water. Then drowns(few of them get shot by ghost with crossbow)

Following dieing ghost leads to large chest showing up for brief moment.(at bottom of river)

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I don’t see a ghost from the cliff have tried multiple times even at night, is it a bug maybe? If so, would the chest still be down there and able to be claimed even if the ghost isn’t appearing?

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