Give single players a way to get "Tower of the Elephant"

I know that this has been suggested before, but it would be excellent to give single players a way to get the “Tower of the Elephant” achievement. As it stands currently, there is no way for PS4 players who do not have a Playstation Network sign up to achieve it.

Questions get asked regularly enough for help on it on the forum that I suspect it would make many people happy if there were some provision for enabling it (on SP at least) for killing an NPC in this way…


Probably the same case with Xbox and no Xbox Live…

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To be honest, Conan Exiles has surprisingly few achievements that can’t be completed solo compared to many games which are actualy designed with a single-player focus but that have a multiplayer option.

It does annoy my inner completionist that I can’t get all achievements, but I have accepted that it’s my choice to stay away from multiplayer, so I’m no longer crying myself to sleep because of it. At least it’s not “Win 100 online matches”.

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Very true, I occasionally growl (quietly) about Portal 2 team achievements.

If there is any way they can enable SP to complete the achievement, it would be a very nice addition, though. If the same solution could make it do-able on PVE (by killing an NPC, specially designated or otherwise) it would also help more than just SP players…


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