Tower of the Elephant not granted

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: PVE 1030

Tower of the Elephant achievement not awarded

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Load up to 2000% encumbrance
  2. Step on head of clan mate
  3. Clan mate dies instantly
  4. No achievement
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could somebody else make this achievement in pve ?

Maybe that’s the reason, ask the other on the server if they could make it, start over, or try make it on a pvp server if that’s the case.

But i agree, it’s kind of a unfair achievement then, also for singleplayers… not really fun !

I guess it’s salt in the wound for the die hared completionists out there, but there’s quite a few journey steps that are either broken outright, or completely irrelevant based on the server mode (single player vs. PvE or PvP). This is but one of many.

journey-steps are one thing, and they’r repeated at each new character you make, this is a steam-achievement, and so account-related. So yes, people love complet them.

Myself have solo all bosses, made all my achievements alone, but this one, no. So yes, maybe a completionist, but that’s also the game for some.

Oh, right. They have the same thing on Xbox, but the same point really. The “achievement” system writ large, be it journey steps or achievements on Steam, Xbox or PS4 are variously borked. It’d be nice if they fixed them, or at least acknowledged their brokenness, so I agree with you there.

I’ve always been a completionist in the various MMOs and CRPGs that I’ve played. With CE, I’ve learned to just let it go and be more zen about the whole thing. :wink:

Hopefully they’ll address this stuff at some point.

According to the internet people got it on PvE servers (however that was some patches ago, so maybe it broke since then?). I would ask on this particular server, but that would first require a time when there are actually more than 2 people online.

Anyway, I got all achievements fair and square, even climbed the damn volcano butt naked except climbing boots and glove for what feelt like an hour to get the iron moon thingy.

So far all that is left is killing the undead dragon (can that be done solo or by no no more than 2 player at max?) and that elephant one.

Most steam achievement can be done using singleplayer. Enter admin mode and spawn in the bosses, set your damage high so easy to kill.
The moon thing, just enter ‘fly’ mode hit spacebar to go up in the air until you dont see the volcano spires anymore wait a bit and you get the achievement. Then enter walk mode to fall down and you get the falling one.

Actually my vulcano-climbing was successfull. Took me some tries to find the right slope but I got it ingame on the official server without having to resort to abusing admin rights in SP.

Thus I’d like to finish the last two without tricks too, if not impossible due to bugs

The touch the clouds achievement can be done at a specific place, search bit around the map.

Sure you may walk or pass x time nearby, nerver thinking going there. But there is a place to do it, and it’s not volcano, and not a cheat with flying as admin. (Look east)

The undead dragon can be done, also alone, yes need bit preparation and some time, but it’s doable.

What isn’t the case with the Tower of Elephant we talk here.

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