Need help with the "Tower of the Elephant" Achievement

Hi all, currently on my last achievement. And sadly i cant do it solo. Would any one be so kind and help me out? If you lack the achievement as well, the same will be paid in kind.

You can add me via this friend code: 117157871

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I am on PS5 in the past have helped people by going into co-op pvp settings building a stack of foundations bunches of stone jump off smash however after the update that got rid of Goomba stomp not sure what the criteria for encumbrance and height is. You probably should check out online. @

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Just looked online might require 2 jumpers and a victim.

You are right. It now requires two people to stand on top of some one. No idea why they made it harder.

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It was because of the last attribute set up that allowed the Goomba stomp being 700perccent or more double jumping and smashing other players it got to be a pvp meta nothing to loose but stones overwhelmed all armor. The first we new. Of tower of the Elephant was shortly after the game came out making a base wife fell off and squished me and got the trophy. I can see that getting 3 people involved is going to make it more difficult @StarScream36 perhaps find a friendly private server pvp that can help you out.

That is a funny way to find out bout the achievement XD

Thanks a lot for your efforts man, but i decided to let it be for now. Not a PvP player, maybe some other day i might jump into some server and ask some one to help.

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I imagine that there are more private servers for pc than console . Can you use your pc to make a temporary server understand I am pc challenged. Good luck with your endeavors.

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