Tower of the elephant achivement bugged?

Playing on a private PVE server with no mods, been testing this with another player by being overcumbered up to 32000% and jumping on their head still doesn’t kill or clear the achivement. The description also tells you till kill “something” not another player and it doesn’t work on anything but players.


Should be OK, got it today on a private PVE server… Jumped on my friend’s head from about 3 blocks high with 3201% encumbrance. Not very friendly, but she later returned the favour :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this helps!

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You probably know this but make sure neither of you are in Admin mode when you do it, as Steam achievements are disabled when you are in admin…

We gave it another try with only foundations and 4 blocks up, still nothing, not sure what the problem is. We have about 10000% encumberance and fall on head, but it still doesn’t do anything.

Bad luck, that’s really odd. Sounds like you are doing it exactly as you should be. Does your friend take any damage at all when you land on them?

None at all, not sure what the problem is. We made 5 foundations high and tried dropping on eachother in by both hanging and jumping, no damage, only encumberance seems to go up when we stand on eachother.

That is super weird.

I will have a look at our server settings and see if there is any clue why it works for me and not for you…

One thought after messing around with my settings. Is the TIME-RESTRICT PVP box checked?


If that is set and you are ouside the PVP window you can’t kill another player, even by head-directed weight increases :slight_smile:

Hmm yeah. We ended up going on a pvp server, collecting stuff untill we reached 1000% encumberance and dropped on each others head. Seems you have to be able to damage another player too… such a dumb achivement…

Glad you got around it…

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