Give us back clear water and remove this ugly grey texture

I have no idea what happend with game graphics, I see our characters have shiny hair now etc. It seems like on the whole game there has been put some weird texture, and now the long distance views are being in some kinda a fog and it doesn’t looks so nice like before, also why water has a grey-ish silver texture… you cannot see anything through the water surface, it doesn’r reflect light so nicely like before, I loved building by the water but it doesn’t make sense now…

Another thing, give us back nudity. Yeah I’m serious, I hate this pieces of dirt being wrapped around my character’s hips, we had a choice before to play as we like it, give us this choice back. And I am a grown up girl, and this still takes a lot off my experience in the game.


I think you want the nudity youd have to go to main interface and click on full nude and then you’d have to recreate the character and there should be options from the list of tabs ( not the character creation but when you get to chose the difficulty of the single player server) and then you can again put full nudity.

They “broke” the nudity setting on PS4 a couple of updates ago. :roll_eyes:


It will probably be months until these are fixed. Full nudity has been broken for like few months too…

This is from the main settings in the game menu.

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Yes, I’ve got the same problem, it says under (max maximum nudity on server: Full) but can only select partial or none…

They said it will be restored with the next update on 2.4.6, which will arrive on PS4 in 1 or 2 weeks

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yes sorry i didnt realize this from ps4 and what up with your profile???

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Yeah it’s a boob, are u distracted?

P.S. It’s internet, it might not be even mine right?

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