Give us the ability to craft 1 x greater from 25 x unstable

In regards to the greater??? and unstable???, I think it would be great if we could convert the unstable ??? into greater ???.
It took me 10min-15min to start a surge with unstables ??? because the crafting is really slow.
Having to craft 500 of these only adds to the stress and it’s no fun. I can’t remember the exact time but this took forever, and I do remember that once passed 500 focus(250 unstable) the shrine appears on the map and people will steal the unstables from the shrine before you can reach 1000 focus. It’s ridiculous.

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I second this. On my server I solved the problem by setting up a thespian that converts the lower tier essences into a higher tier because sitting there waiting for them to finish crafting is just a waste of time …


Oh god. I hadn’t even thought about other players being able to steal ??? from the altar. That’s terrible.

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You cannot steal them from the alter, you cannot remove them once they are in there.

I think this is a great idea.

You cannot steal/remove the focus, but you can steal/remove the unstables.

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