Feedback: Greater?

I’m wondering…is it meant to be as hard as it is to get the 3 skulls that drop this to spawn? Currently, to get them to spawn for the duaration of a storm, we have to build with roughly 600 foundations. Then we lose whatever is left, or have to keep going out every storm untill the wind finally gets rid of whats left of our structure. This seems like a massive grind, past the point of being fun tbh. I love fighting, and working for what i want, but it feels like throwing a massive amount of resources out the window to get 1 good surge. We have not changed any settings regarding the storm/creatures at all.

It is a massive grind. It needs balancing.

It does make you wonder what the devs who playtested this new map mechanic were thinking? Did they only try it out to see if it worked (short term) or did they really enjoy how long it takes to grind those materials only to lose them and still called that ‘fun’ (long term)?

I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem like this idea was fully ‘cooked.’ Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was an interesting mechanic. But when playtested at length during this early access, I’m beginning to not like it. Too much work for too little reward.

It does incentivize PvP though. Why go through all that effort of farming decaying eldarium and ??? essences if you can just punch a hole in someone else’s base and steal their T4 thralls? Its way, way easier to raid a base than it is to legitimately get your own thralls.


I would guess that your perspective from playtesting will be very different from most people that play 50+ weekly hours, players will surely get bored much faster.

which is why feedback is very important and should be given proper attention, which hopefully is currently.

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