Swirling chaos and start of the Maelstrom

Clan mates and I decided to do a surge and went set out to the shrine. We took a few minutes and got there and set up the altar and started crafting the 1000 chaos. Since it takes so damn long to craft as we had 500 unstable ??? We got to about 720 chaos and the altar disappeared as the maelstrom began losing all progress. There was a bag I couldn’t interact with which would held the rest of the ??? That never crafted. So everything was lost. All that time gone. Did none of this get brought up during Beta and earlier? I find myself lucky I’m on a low pop server, how does this get done on high pop.

You need to be able to craft chaos before hand or be able to remove it from the altar. The crafting time could also be faster.

Just seems the effort it takes shouldn’t be so easily taken away.


This was not seen on the beta, because you are playing it in alpha… it hasn’t been in beta yet, thinks specifically mentioned as “the game is a work in progress, some functions might not work as intended or might not work at all”

Try making a post in the bug report section about the issue of the altar disappearing, the devs will see it and forward it to the team.

I hope this helps!

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