Chaos Mouth devours too much

Okay so as memey as the title is it’s true, i put in stacks of 2 of each of the story items in the altar, and it took all the materials and made 1 keystone instead of 2, just thought i’d bring that up, other than that good job on the game and i hope it keeps getting developed more and more!


Strange, last time I was here, few updates ago, not only the altar consumed right number of artifact, but I had to retake and replace the artifacts on the altar each time because it didn’t craft more than 1 key per time (and I had the artifacts to craft Keys for all the clan, so 8 ).

Are you tryed it on official servers, solo/co-op or private servers ?

Hey @GhostHunnie

Welcome to our community and thanks for your feedback and kind words.
Just to confirm before we send this to our team, is this happening in offline, private online or official online? Do you play with any mods installed?

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