Glass windows? and a method to drain underwater builds? Anyone :P

I dont know about many others, but I myself and a couple of friends love to build under water!

It would be an amazing idea if there was a some form of item or useable that drains a totaly insulated build of water !! The possibilities would be great!!

And glass… we have glass. Can make glass orbs and such. But we cant make windows? Of any kind… I mean heck the option to create dyed windows should be there ! But even any kind would be amazing.

An aquilonian underwater mansion with glass windows? Come on!!


Atlantis sunk for a reason. :slight_smile:

and if we get windows make them bigger then the one’s that are here now

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This confuses me ahha

I agree my dude. I cant see the video but I think I know what you mean from the image I can see. The frames could be utilised maybe ? Fill the centre with glass. But have it a little bigger than the window gap we already have

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I want bigger windows

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