Glitching while walking

Noticed on 4/19/20 my character started walking in place and glitching alot. Not sure what is happening. Logged out logged back in still happening. Quit for a day came back, still does it. Any ideas?

Ok first online offline. Server number. How often. Try wait till server restart Need more info lol

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Online, private server, happens about every few minutes, have to kill myself to get out of it.

Ok better on private server is it yours if not is there mods if so contact owner of the server and see if they can fix it or if there is a problem with the server if so they have to fix it with gportal if it’s a server issue if mod get find which one and contact mod author if no then our you login the same spot or emotes your self sleeping on bed if so try logging out in a different spot Incase a placeables are getting you stuck in that spot or a wall or floor you may be falling into may be causes you to try to walk as your character is try to get itself out if emotes try not to and log back in

I reset my server, seemed to fix problem. Had one little area if a ceiling tile I kept trying to fall through, but other than that played several hours ni problem. Set up auto restart each night to see if that helps.

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