Global chat under another player's name

Game mode: Online Private
**Type of issue:**Bug, Exploit?
Server type: PVP
Region: NA

I admin a private server. Today someone was typing in global chat under another player’s name. I know this because I was sitting right next to the guy while we were in game. This has been reported to me once before by another player on this server. Just wanting to know if anyone has seen this or knows how to replicate it.

Have you asked the player who was doing it how they did it?
Or did you ban them from the server for doing it and not want them back?

cant tell who is doing it

So I am told that there is a console command that be used by all players to chat with someone else’s name. Anyone heard of this?

do u use pippi? they have some rp ones.

Hey there,

It could perfectly be the /me command (used by roleplayers) which could lead to some misunderstandings if used maliciously.

/act is what I had in mind for the pippi users

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